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Welcome to Heritage Christian Academy!

We are a unique model of schooling that seeks to enhance and support your homeschooling journey by providing a part-time classroom experience with teachers trained in the Charlotte Mason method.

We echo the sentiments of Charlotte Mason, the pioneer of the modern homeschooling movement, and believe that there is no such thing as a secular education; all wisdom and knowledge originates with God.  Our desire, like Miss Mason, is to instill an intimate knowledge of the Savior in the hearts of our students, and to cultivate lives marked by the power of the Holy Spirit and a love for the Truth found only in Jesus Christ.


Our desire is to build an atmosphere, a discipline and a life of education in the feast of subjects that we present to our students. Our curriculum is uniquely crafted for our school, using "living books" in lieu of traditional textbooks.  There is no busy-work or fill-in-the-blanks to keep the students occupied.  Rather, students will be interacting with books written by authors who have a passion for their respective subjects.  The students then practice the art of narration, both written and oral, to build the "science of relations" and to hone and refine their public speaking abilities from an early age.






We currently offer two identical programs, allowing us to serve a greater number of students, and to give you the flexibility to choose what fits your schedule. 

We offer a Monday/Wednesday Program and a Tuesday/Thursday Program, both of which meet from September through June. Our year is comprised of three 12-week terms, with one week breaks between each term.  

Cottage School (ages 3-5)

Families who follow the Charlotte Mason method of education do not begin formal schooling until the age of 6, but there is a feast of activities that we offer to the younger siblings of current students.  This is a gentle precursor to formal academics and is comprised of an abundance of nature study and exploration, art, music, and read alouds.  



Forms 1-6 (grades 1-12)

Parents are invited to drop their children off each morning and pick them up at the end of the day.  Our Morning Collective begins at 9am and our afternoon occupations conclude at 3pm.  






Parent Involvement

Homeschooling is, at it's a core, an interactive endeavor, where parents are aware of their children's strengths, gaps, needs, and gifts.  At Heritage, that parent-child relationship is a hallmark of our educational offerings.  The primary educating parent will be encouraged to:

  • Participate in our monthly Charlotte Mason Reading Group

  • Observe in the classroom to see the implementation of the Charlotte Mason method first hand.  In order for your children to obtain the greatest academic benefit, the Mason method should be continued during your three days at home so that there is fluidity in both materials and in execution, contributing to the overall atmosphere of your homeschool.

  • Assist in field trip planning and outings, participate in school fundraisers, and attend all necessary parent trainings and meetings.


Do you have specific questions? 

Please check out our FAQ page,

or contact us via email or at 574.300.7438


Upper Form (grade 7-12) Curriculum
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