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(grades 7-12)


NEW Middle and High School Collective

Due to overwhelming enrollment interest in our traditional program, HCA will be offering an abbreviated day (our Collective Classes) for High School Students (grades 9-12, 8th grade by permission only)

on Wednesday afternoons, from 2-4:30pm at Heritage Christian Academy,

located on the campus of Bethel University.



Collective Course Offerings

Beginning September 4, 2019-June 3, 2020

Wednesday afternoons from 2-4:30 pm

Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance Course for Teens 

A Nationally recognized, Biblically based money management course for teens.

Additional work outside of class expected and required for high school credit.

Brush drawing (watercolor lessons), Nature Walks and Nature Journaling 

Students will learn the intricacies of brush drawing (drawing with watercolors) and after their technical lessons, they will go outside for nature walks and observations and utilize their brush drawing lesson in recording their finding through art in a year-long nature journal. 

Recitation and Public Speaking 

Students will study famous poems, historical speeches, plays and scripture passages,

and will learn how to craft and present convincing and professional oral presentations and recitations.

U.S. History - (early American explorers -1600AD) 

Utilizing the best in literary writing and through studying original documents and reading biographies, students will form relationships with America's first explorers and pioneers. 

P.E. Course

Coming soon! 

HCA will be offering a P.E. Course for high school credit during the winter and spring of the 2019-2020 school year.  Times for this course may vary from the typical class schedule listed above, and registration will open for this course in October of 2019, separate from your Collectives Class Registration.  

To be notified when enrollment for the P.E. Course open up, please email us at office@heritagechristianacademy.net and ask to be placed on the High School P.E. waiting list!

Before registering, please note:

  • Classes are offered once per week, on Wednesday afternoons from 2-4:30, from September 4, 2019-June 3, 2020

  • Registration is for ALL Collective Courses (Financial Foundations, Brush Drawing/Nature Journaling, Recitation/Public Speaking and U.S. History) Students who register MUST ATTEND all classes - they can not be separated.

  • Registration does NOT cover the P.E. Course.  We are still diligently crafting our highschool P.E. Course and it will be offered later on this year and you will register for that separately when enrollment opens (mid October 2019).

  • Class fees cover all courses and syllabi, as well as all materials for the Dave Ramsey Financial Foundations course.  However, it does not cover any other needed books and art supplies.  A complete book and supply list will be provided to you once your registration and enrollment is verified.

  • With the exception of the Financial Foundations course, all classes will be taught using the Charlotte Mason method of education.  Students will use only living texts (no traditional text books) and utilize public speaking and presentations as well as written narrations and reports as the core of their educational work.

  • Classes are open to 9th-12th graders.  Although learning takes place collectively (across several grades), your own child's age and grade will determine the extent of, and the expectations placed on their work.  Eighth graders are permitted to register, but please note that the reading level of the text, particularly for the History course, is at a high school/college level.

  • There are no prerequisites to any of our courses.

  • Each course may be counted for high school credit (varying amounts).  Your child's instructor will work with you to recommend a grade and assist in recording their credits earned upon completion. Additional work outside of class expected and required for high school credit in each course.

  • Students are permitted to drive themselves or may be dropped off by their parents at the door to HCA.

Collective Courses 2019-2020 Tuition: $750

Register now!

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