Lower Forms

(grades K/1-8)


NEW for 2020 - we are now offering a K/1 Program!

HCA is thrilled to offer a joint classroom of Kindergarten and first grade students!  These ages are tender and are a child's first introduction to formal learning - and we want to take that process slow!


Our K/1 Program is meant to be that gentle easing into the classroom

and students will spend at least 2 years in this class, building a solid foundation of habit training and growing an appreciation for beautiful literature and beginning reading and math skills.  

As is developmentally and age appropriate, students will then transition into our grade 2 classroom.

Please note that our Kindergarten/Grade 1 Program does NOT require that a child have an older sibling in the program

and enrollment is open to all new students.  However, this program fills very quickly and space is limited

as we maintain a low student to teacher ratio. 


Grades 2-8

Classes offered in Forms 1 (2-3rd grade), Form 2 (4-6th grade) and Form 3 (grades 7-8) are offered on a rotation per term, in order to give your students a broad range of topics.  This allows for ample outdoor exposure in all but the most severe weather, as well as a selection of handicrafts and afternoon occupations. 

Our greatest desire is to build life-long learners who see and know

the love of their Creator in all aspects of knowledge. 

To that end, we will be offering the following subjects to those students in the Lower Forms, as they apply*:

Bible | Poetry | Math | Reading | Recitation | Copywork | Natural History | Geography 

  Music and Art Appreciation | Handicrafts | Drawing | Singing | Latin (grades 4-8) | History

Nature walks and nature journaling | Composition | Recitation | Shakespeare (grades 4-8)

updated November 2020