Lower Forms

(grades 1-6)

Classes offered in Forms 1 (1-3rd grade) and 2 (4-6th grade) are offered on a rotation per term, in order to give your students a broad range of topics.  This allows for ample outdoor exposure in all but the most severe weather, as well as a selection of handicrafts and afternoon occupations. 


Class structure is as follows: 

Class 1 -1st & 2nd grade

Class 2 - 3rd & 4th grade

Class 3 - 5th & 6th grade 

Our greatest desire is to build life-long learners who see the love of their Creator in all aspects of knowledge. 

In that end, we will be offering the following subjects to those students in the Lower Forms, as they apply*:

Bible | Poetry | Math | Reading | Recitation | Copywork | Natural History | Geography | History (rotations of American, Ancient and British) | Music Appreciation | Handicrafts | Drawing | Singing | Foreign Language | Drill (P.E.)

| Nature + Geography walks | Grammar | Composition | Recitation | Shakespeare

*A complete class list will be posted March 2019

updated Febraury 2019
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