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Updated: Feb 18

February 18, 2024


Two more weeks of school until Spring Break! We have a lot to pack into these last few school days, so please take the time to check the announcements below.

On a personal note, thank you SO much for your sweet texts, messages and prayers for our family with my husband's recent cancer diagnosis. It's been a busy few weeks of doctor's visits, but we are doing our best to keep everyone updated via Caring Bridge. Many of you have asked for updates and how you can come along side us over the next few months, and all of that information is listed in our most recent update. The tangible support that we've received thus far is humbling - thank you.

Please enjoy this upcoming warm "Spring" days (in February!) and I'll see you this week!

-Mrs. Rea



There are so many moving parts with a school of 160+ students (!!!) that we are trying to streamline some internal processes. We now have a quick link that you can follow to report either an illness, expected tardiness, etc. Between my own cell numbers, teacher's numbers, the school phone, Family Band messages, Class Band messages and occasionally a student just letting us know in passing that their sibling wouldn't be attending, it is just TOO much for us to keep straight! If you know ahead of time that your student will be late, has a doctor's appt, or will be missing school because of illness, a family emergency, travel, etc., please use this NEW TARDY/ABSENCE LINK. This link is available at the top of our website and for those that have already received your portal for the 24/25 school year, it's listed in there as well!

If it's last minute or easier, you may also call or text the school - 574-300-7438 but please ONLY USE EITHER THE ATTENDANCE LINK OR THE SCHOOL PHONE NUMBER so that we can keep all attendance records in one location.



It's hard to believe that we are already making plans for the end of Term 2! Please note that exams are February 21-29 and we are in need of Exam Volunteers to help us transcribe for the lower grades! Please see the signup post (pinned at the top of The Family Band) to volunteer - we still need some help!

ADDITIONALLY - if you know that your student will be absent for some/all of exams, please contact their teacher via Band asap!



If you have a student in 7th or 8th grade, please mark your calendar! I will be hosting a High School Informational Meeting at Heritage Meeting House on Tuesday, March 12 at 6:30pm. This is for parents AND your high school-bound child! We will be talking about grades, transcripts, classes (both required and electives), scheduling, homework and what it means to transition either into HCA's high school course, to withdraw and homeschool fully at home, or to consider transferring to private or public traditional schools. This is for ALL students - regardless of what your high school plans are - this conversation will give you a lot to think about, plan for and consider as you prayerfully make the next step in your child's education.

We encourage families of 7th graders to attend, but this will be geared toward our current 8th graders. If you are planning to continue on with HCA, then this meeting is required. If you are not able to make it to either info night, then please email the office! (



It looks like we'll be having unseasonably warm temperatures again this week, which means a lot of MUD on campus. Please make sure that your students dress in layers and that they have outside boots/water-proof shoes for our outdoor time. Also, if you have a student in Cottage School-Grade 3, we encourage sending an extra pair of pants in their book bags. Hopefully we won't need them, but we've found that this time of year, the mud is slick and it's always nice to have a Plan B!



We hope that you're planning to attend Awaken South Bend on April 12-13! This is an AMAZING opportunity to hear from all three ladies at A Delectable Education, as well as myself and Michelle Howard, founder of the Preservation Library movement (and a dynamic speaker!). Through April 1, they're offering a discount code to HCA attendees (AWAKENSB10).

To learn more and purchase tickets, please see the conference website:



We only have a handful of spaces left for enrollment for 2024/2025! We're on track to set an enrollment record for next year, so this is a reminder that if you're still considering reapplication, or if you know others who are interested, then please encourage them to enroll SOON!



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