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Due to a program expansion, we are now hiring for our 2022/23 school year! 

Note to applicants:

HCA is committed to preserving the integrity of the Charlotte Mason Method.  To that end, we will provide ample training in the Charlotte Mason method of education, and no previous knowledge is required, only a desire to learn and grow.
In addition, because we rely solely on living books for each subject, teachers are by no means required to have a working knowledge of the subject that is to be taught.  Every child has immeasurable potential to learn, therefore students in a Charlotte Mason school interact directly with living ideas and do not rely on pre-digested materials from the teachers first assimilating the ideas and then acting as the agent of information - they go straight to the original source, from authors passionate about their respective topics. 

Please do not allow the list of classes offered that you may not be personally familiar with deter you from applying.
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