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March 6, 2024


Happy Spring Break HCA Families! We have completed Term 2 and are eagerly making plans for the start of Term 3!

Please take a moment to read the update on our Goshen campus announcement below and also, don't forget to register for the Awaken Conference coming in just 5 weeks! I hope you each have a restful and peaceful remainder of your Spring Break! (There will be an additional update this weekend before the start of school on Monday/Tuesday)

-Mrs. Rea


Goshen Campus Update

Thank you so very much for your encouragement and enthusiasm regarding our announcement of a Goshen Campus! This has been in the works since the beginning of the school year and hours of behind the scenes work has gone into the plans and preparation.

I wanted to give a quick update however, as a new development with the Church arose this week (2 days after we announced and were given the green light) that has unfortunately become an impasse in our plans to move forward with Beulah Missionary Church. After months of meetings and plannings, the Church Board enthusiastically approved our request to open a campus and so we made the official announcement to all of you.

After receiving the official confirmation from the Board, we met with the Pastor last week, and due to some changes in the church's needs and preferences (that we were not previously made aware of), the rooms that they are able to offer us at this time are not at ALL conducive to our needs and actually pose a safety risk due to their location and accessibility issues. Because of this, we have rescinded our request to Beulah and regretfully, we will not be opening a Goshen campus in 2024/25.

Please accept my sincerest apologies; this blind-sided us as well. We waited longer than planned to announce the opening until we had a solid confirmation from Beulah. Unfortunately, the details were changed once we had an accepted proposal and we were not aware of that fact until our in-person meeting last week. We wish Beulah all the best and want to honor the work that they're already doing in the Goshen area. Unfortunately, we do not plan to move forward with this location.



We hope that you're planning to attend Awaken South Bend on April 12-13! This is an AMAZING opportunity to hear from all three ladies at A Delectable Education, as well as myself and Michelle Howard, founder of the Preservation Library movement (and a dynamic speaker!). Through April 1, they're offering a discount code to HCA attendees (AWAKENSB10).

To learn more and purchase tickets, please see the conference website:




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